Friday, January 10, 2014



Location: City Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Top: ShopSixTwenty (favorite white v-neck)
Bag: ShopEvoktion $90 (email to buy)
Skater skirt: Forever 21
Trench: H&M (FA/WI 2013)
Shoes: Target (from haul video)

I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Dale last week, not only is she an amazing photographer, she is really sweet and quite personable too! It's always an added bonus when photographer + blogger have that special spark and exchange ideas to get both artists' creative vision from imagination to screen. 

We shot at City Center and unlike my last few shoots there (Meet Me at the Center of the City, Bewitched at Aria Las Vegas), this time felt much more 'natural,' as if I was getting off work and Rebecca just so happened to catch me on the go. Perhaps it's because I always feel at home when I'm surrounded by tall buildings and bustling cars, it's me, in my element. I guess my heart belongs in the city...


  1. Love this outfit! Great pics!
    Hugs, katica

  2. Are those Prada Baroque sunnies? So cute.