Friday, April 26, 2013

Blonde Ambition

Now that Summer is in the air, clothes seem to shed, skin becomes caramel, and hair becomes more sun kissed. Or in my case, extremely sun kissed. I just wanted to ombre the ends, but like most of my projects, I tend to get carried away and go hard rather than go home. I was iffy about whether or not I wanted to showcase the blonde (or even keep it), but I figured that it might be helpful to some of you. Below is my latest tutorial on how I went from bodacious brunette to ambitious blonde.

Products used for bleach:
Loreal Quickblue bleach
Ion sensitive scalp 30 developer

I used 2 scoops of bleach & 5 ounces of developer and mixed it all together.

I applied it in sections starting from the bottom layer of my hair and worked my way to the top. I left 1.5 inch of my roots alone, I did not apply bleach to this area as the heat from my head would activate the color a lot quicker! It's very important to watch your hair as it starts turning colors. I left the bleach on for about 45 minutes total-- that includes application time. The last 15-20 minutes, was when I applied the bleach to my roots.

 Wash, dry & bleach #2:

After about 45 minutes, I washed and blow-dried my hair. It turned out a nasty orange, don't freak out, it's part of the process! Since my hair was still in manageable condition, I decided to bleach it a second time. I then mixed the bleach again and applied it using the same technique as the first time. 

My hair turned out flaming orange and it was pretty delicate so I left it alone for a few days. I went out in public and carried on with life with orange hair.


I decided to go with a light ash blonde toner (thinking that I couldn't be THAT light) to tone my hair. I used Wella's ColorCharm toner in shade T18 with the 050 additive; the girl at Sally's recommended I use the additive to get rid of the orange. I mixed 2 boxes of toner, a few drops of additives as instructed on the box with 4 ounces of the Ion sensitive scalp 20 developer. 

I had to work super fast applying the toner because it turned almost immediately. Application time was about 10-15 minutes and there was no wait time whatsoever. If you leave it on too long, your hair will turn too ashy and into the green realm. I rinsed off the toner with shampoo and minimal conditioner and viola... it was a beautiful ash blonde! A little lighter than I anticipated, but I liked it!

What NOT to do!

Now that my hair's been processed 3 times, I figured it'd be a good idea if I let it sit for a few days. No washing, no heat, no styling. A few days passed and I decided it was time to do a deep conditioning treatment to moisturize my hair. I looked up hair masks on Youtube and Google and many people recommended an egg & avocado mask. 

Here goes my lightbulb again I have some avocados & eggs laying around, yeah let's throw on an all natural mask! I whipped up 2 eggs, the avocado wasn't ripe so I ate that, but the eggs... I lathered that into my hair and let it sit for 30-45 minutes. This was a HUGE mistake! The egg yolks sunk into my hair shaft and turned my hair gold. EPIC FAIL! :-(

I purchased the Wella toner again and proceeded to tone my hair a second time. It got rid of some of the gold, but as the days go by, the gold becomes more and more apparent. I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do with it next, but I really just need to let it relax before I completely damage my hair! :-/ Here's what it looks like most recently:


  1. Hi! Ash toner doesn't really last so long esp when you bleach it to a medium/orange color. If you want it to stay ashy longer, try mixing a permanent ash dye with a bit of green. you hair will turn into a greenish ash initially but it will keep the blonde from turning orangy/golden for a longer period of time (based on my exp ) ;)

  2. Hi Elle! I just found your YouTube channel while I was searching for blonde Asian inspirations and omg I'm obsessed! You have killer style. Thanks for this comprehensive post on your dark hair to blonde hair process. I myself am going back to platinum blonde from my natural black hair in a couple of days from now and I'm super excited. I love being an Asian blonde.

    I was hoping if you could do a comprehensive hair care routine sometime in the future, like how often do you wash your hair, what products you use to keep the brassiness out, etc.


  3. i really like the orange her on you very exotic xoxo


    use this as an alternative to toner :) it works by depositing violet tones while you shampoo. no processing or peroxide, so its very gentle!

  5. Hi! I just found you on youtube while researching about hair dyes. Unfortunately, I wasn't looking for blonde hair, but coincidentally, I was actually looking for your previous hair color. Can you tell me what hair dye you used for your brunette hair? Thank you so much!

  6. i just went to sallys today and bought the t14 toner and light asj=h blonde demi permanent color will deffinately try soon :)

    check out my latest fashion post here at


  7. Hi Elle! This is inspiring - I'm asian and have always been terrified of trying to go blonde and failing. I've started the process (doing more of an ombre effect to slowly lift) and recently purchased the cooling violet and ash blonde toners. Can you give more details on how much violet you added in? I'm afraid of my hair turning purple. Thanks!

  8. I love the gold's pretty...why don't you like it?

  9. All u need is a purple shampoo no need for the harsh toners. Leave the shampoo on for 15 to 20min I'd recommend shimmer lights clairol

  10. I'm half japanese and I'm working on getting my level 2 super dark hair to level 8 blonde. I ended up with light orange roots too. I've got the purple shampoo, it helps a little. Everytime I use Ash toner, i end up gray. Lol.

  11. How did you lighten your eyebrows? Makeup or bleach?

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