Saturday, December 1, 2012

Believe In You


As November rolls into December and as we anticipate welcoming a new year, there are many things I reflect on for 2012 and goals I set to achieve for 2013. On that journey, always remember to believe in you, that's the most important person you need to love.

On a less nostalgic note, I'm in love with this double slit skirt from Urban. I first saw it on my youtube buddy Erica's video (view here) and instantly went out and bought it. It's so edgy, feminine, sexy, and daring. She did an amazing job pairing the skirt with a cropped turtle neck, I, however, was not so gangsta. Great news —it's currently on sale for $39.99 from the original $69 (click here to buy). Happy Shopping!


  1. another generic look. just a little advice, the rule of thumb is when you start blogging with a bag you know your followers and who know's even yourself who can't not afford it, is really not very inspirational. let's be honest - hermes should only be carried by individuals who CAN afford it. if you really look at the bigger picture, people who can justify carrying a bag at a that cost are wealthy individuals like oprah, kardashians, people who make millions usually carry hermes. even myself if i was given a bag at that cost i would not have the courage to carry it because of how people would classify me. now your chanel is more acceptable and understandable.

  2. You look beautiful in all the pictures and so are all your outfits.....enjoyed every bit of it. So Keep on doing with what u are doing coz i think ur just doing right. Here is a quote from H.H The Dalai Lama, "In practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher". So here you, one more teacher...even though dat person seems a little nasty with such hateful words...(sorry normally i would not like to use words as h**eful). Recall a saying dat if people are saying bad things about you out of no reason, then there must be something good in you....