Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Love At First Sight

I fell in love with this bag the minute I saw it, perhaps it's my bias attraction to all things camel toned. Not only is the color irresistible, it's so versatile in my everyday wardrobe. As you can see, the fleather is quite detailed with a grained finish, hence, giving the bag a more 'expensive' look. It somewhat reminds me of a Prada, the simplicity in design and gold hardware to add that special touch.

Of course, no afternoon is complete without my Yogurtland fix.

Unfortunately, Forever 21 online does not carry the bag anymore as I tried to link it for you guys, but below is a great alternative (linked here). Not too shabby for a bag that's under $33.

Shoulder Bag found via HausofColorblog.comSHOULDER BAG/FOREVER 21
Happy Shopping!


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