Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To See the World


To travel is a unique and adventerous indulgence in which one can expand one's horizon; it allows you to see the world through a different perspective, experience an unlikely culture than that of your own, commingle with the locals, and excite your taste buds to astounding levels. When you engage outside of your comfort zone into a mysterious land, that is when you will find the sweetest surprises.

And traveling doesn't mean you have to go far, you can explore in your own backyard the secrets anxiously awaiting your revelation. This can be the little hole in the wall café--with the most delectable macarons and fresh roasted coffee beans in the air. It can also mean an extravagant, ridiculous hat themed tea party amongst your friends with never ending stories of the what-if excursions.      

I have dreams of South African safaris, cruises along the Huangpu River with The Bund as my backdrop, riding camels in the middle east, and learning Portuguese 101 as I get lost in Rio de Janeiro. I've been fortunate enough to have crossed an abundant of destinations off my list; there is so much I look forward to... Wherever the wind might take you, I wish you the best in your endeavors.   

Where have you guys been?


  1. omg this a beautiful post >w< I absolutely love it!!!

  2. I've hardly been outside of where I currently live... :( *sigh*

    1. No worries Gabbi, it'll be a lovely adventure for you when that time comes!