Friday, September 14, 2012

Melody of My Lullabies

I find much inspiration in my day to day life. Whether it's through music, photographs, people, or words, it's very helpful to document and save the snippets that moves me. These words are often encouraging and uplifting (perfect for a rainy day). When in low spirits, look at what you've written down as a reminder of all the positive things you stand for. I've recently started jotting down passages+quotes in my booklet that I find rather engaging; it's a work in progress, perhaps one day urbanoutfitters will publish it (perhaps?). 
Music is also a fabulous remedy for a gloomy state of mind, it offers tranquility and ease to the over-thinkers, sleep deprived, and constant worriers. Oh, don't mind the mustache, it's my current obsession; I've been 'staching everyone and everything I can get my hands on. 
Anyway, love to chat... but I mustache!

BOOKLET FROM ANTHROPOLOGIEWhat are some of your favorite quotes?